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Can You Fix Foundation Problems?

The right experts can fix foundation problems from cracked walls to sagging floors. The foundation repair specialists at RC Waterproofing provide expert service, fantastic customer service, and the best results.
“Foundation repair” is a terrifying prospect. Most homeowners in Huntington Woods expect a hefty foundation repair costs, invasive repairs, and a less valuable home after everything is said and done. However, the team at RC Waterproofing will deliver quality foundation repair services at the most competitive prices. Additionally, our technicians provide FREE inspections and will help you determine the perfect solution for your foundation problems.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Foundation?

There are many signs of a bad foundation, such as cracks in your basement walls, sloping floors, walls bowing inward, or water penetration. Sometimes, cracks in the wall are no big deal while other times they signify more significant, future problems.
Therefore, you don’t want to wait with foundation repairs. A bad foundation will lower your home’s value and render your home unsafe. If you resolve a cracked wall or a sagging floor now, you can increase your home’s value and ensure your family’s safety.

Foundation Repair in Huntington Woods

How Do I Fix My Home’s Foundation?

Every home and business has a unique foundation problem. Therefore, our technicians take the time to inspect your home, identify the issues, then deliver unique solutions. Our solutions provide sufficient long-term stability for your home in Huntington Woods.

Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

Our first method involves stabilizing bowed walls using Carbon Fiber Straps. Carbon Fiber Straps are the strongest patented system on the market because they tie to the foundation base and the house framing. Our technicians fasten the carbon fiber to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket. Then, we secure it to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. We avoid deterioration by securing the carbon fiber system to the foundation wall with a high strength epoxy. The epoxy can withstand time and heavy pressure. Lastly, carbon fiber walls are less intrusive, less expensive, and easier to maintain than other repair options.

Foundation Crack Repair

Our second method is crack repair. Foundation or wall crack repair involves fixing small problems or shifting foundations with extensive damage. The foundation specialists at RC Waterproofing use six different repair methods depending on the severity of your home’s injury. Our methods include the injection of epoxy or urethane foam to structural stitching or crystalline technology. No matter what we use, you can rest assured we will strengthen your home’s foundation.

Foundation Repair With the Gorilla Wall Brace System

Our last method is The Gorilla™ Wall Brace System. The Gorilla™ Wall Brace System is the best for effective and affordable bowed wall repair. Our technicians use The Gorilla™ Wall Brace System for the following reasons:

  • Engineer-certified to give you security
  • Excavation is not necessary for most basements
  • Pushes off 3 -floor joists, reducing stress
  • Can handle bracing year-round
  • A permanent solution at less cost
  • Transferable warranty included

The galvanized steel beams brace your foundation wall against the brutal force of the bowed walls. Because our specialists attach the beams to the concrete basement floor below and the wooden joists above, we can stop the bucking walls from moving any further. Lastly, The Gorilla™ Wall Brace System pushes your bowed walls with a three-floor joist system that eliminates twisting and side pressure.

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Foundation repair should not intimidate you. Handling your foundation repairs with RC Waterproofing will save you time and money.
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