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Wet Basement in Royal Oak, MI 48073



A homeowner contacted us because of a constant “damp”  feeling on the walls, along with water along the floor/wall joint and was looking to sell their home soon. A wet basement can reduce the value of a home if not repaired in a timely manner. He had tried to fix the problem himself with paint, then hydraulic cement, but it kept coming back during heavy, prolonged rains.



One of our inspectors went to visit the owner’s home and begin an assessment on the wet basement. Along with the homeowner, our inspector began a thorough inspection, checking the downspouts, grade, and any other potential areas which could be a source of leakage. After the inspection, it was determined that the water was not coming through any windows or other openings or defects in the wall. Being a block wall, the water was holding inside the cores and was soaking the block from the inside. The inspector suggested an installation of our interior waterproofing system and the installation of our Blue Angel sump pump system. This provides proper drainage of water pushing up through the floor, due to hydrostatic pressure and through the walls. It then carries water through to empty into the sump pump basin. From there the water is evacuated from the home. This system also exceeds building code standards. The solution was chosen by the homeowner because of our long history, choice of materials, and our attention to detail, such as cleaning up after the job…right down to the last piece of tape.

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Client Curt V.
Location Royal Oak, MI 48073
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