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Crawl Space Repair

For many homeowners, the crawl space can be a very easy space to ignore. It’s usually out of the way, and frankly it’s often the most unpleasant part of your home. What you may not know, however, is that a nasty crawl space is much more than just gross; it’s also dangerous. When moisture finds its way into your crawl space, it will cause things like mold, mildew, and even pest infestations. Due to something called the Stack Effect, all that nasty, moldy air in your crawl space will actually end up flowing through the upper areas of your home.  In more severe situations, you may even begin to experience things like rotting floor joists and other structural concerns. Basically, what we’re saying is that this is NOT something that you should ignore!

Lucky for you, you’ve already come to the right place to make sure that your crawl space is safe and healthy. RC Waterproofing is your local crawl space and foundation repair company, and we specialize in keeping crawl spaces dry, clean, and just as useful as any other area in your home! We accomplish this through interconnected drainage systems, crawl space encapsulations, and dehumidifiers. If you’re ready to get started, then all you’ll need to do is get in contact with us. We’ll help you schedule a FREE in-home inspection, and then we’ll send out one of our trained professionals to assess your situation and come up with the perfect solution. You can learn more about the specific crawl space repair services we offer below!

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