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Basement Repair in Saginaw, MI – 48601


A client had a basement which was almost 100 years old that was starting to fall apart and deteriorate due to old age. He had contacted a few different waterproofing companies and all of them wanted to put in the same type of system, just with different types of materials making up the differences between them. None of them could actually address his problem; which was the wall itself. The other option some gave him was to excavate on the outside and waterproof it from there. His concern was two-fold: his budget didn’t allow for it AND it still did not address the problem with the wall on the inside.


After contacting RC Waterproofing about his leaky basement wall, one of our technicians spoke with him regarding his leaky basement wall at great length. Getting to know our client was key to helping because it established a relationship between us to design an affordable and effective solution. Our solution was to clean the wall of old and deteriorated material, wet it down, and apply a coating of our Xypex crystalline waterproofing product. This material is designed for below grade concrete structures exhibiting leakage. Our technician explained that RC Waterproofing has been a certified installer of Xypex for 40 years and that this solution solved both the leaks and the deterioration of the wall, without the need for an expensive outside repair. After the installation, the client was astounded at the results. The new wall coating was waterproof, structurally sound, and would be a permanent solution. RC Waterproofing was able to save the client quite a substantial amount of money while still providing a permanent and affordable solution to his wet basement.

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Client Rich R.
Location Saginaw, MI 48601
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